Membership of the Bintry Mill Trout Fishery is limited, but we do maintain a waiting list, so it’s worth submitting your name and contact details if you are interested in joining.

There is an annual subscription plus a joining fee. Members are encouraged to join in the work parties. This may seem like a chore, but it is an excellent way of getting to know the river and picking up valuable fly and habitat information as well as an opportunity to meet other members.

The season runs from 1 April to 29 October. The best months for fly hatches are normally May and June, although Mayfly are in evidence for much of the season.

The season runs from 1 April to 29 October, both dates inclusive. There is no restriction on the number of days members can fish, but the catch limit is six stock fish fish per week. Members and their guests are encouraged to use barbless or de-barbed hooks and release fish as soon as possible back into the water.

Only stock fish – which are tagged – can be killed. All wild fish must be measured for length and returned to the water unharmed.

Dogs are not allowed on the fishery.

There are a number of deep pools holding some large fish but where the river is faster-flowing with a gravelly bottom sight fishing can be good and wading is possible.


If you would like your name to be added to the membership waiting list or just want further information, please fill in the form below.