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Membership of the Bintry Mill Trout Fishery is limited, but the club is currently recruiting new members, so it’s worth putting your name on the waiting list if you are interested in joining. Applying for membership is easy, just fill in the form on the membership page and we will respond promptly.

You do not need to be an experienced fly fisherman to join the Bintry Mill Fly Fishery as there is a considerable amount of help and expertise available for anyone lacking the confidence to tackle a chalk stream. The club also organises regular ‘get to know the river’ days for newer members to help them get the most out of their days on the river.

Fishing for rising trout on a delightful chalk stream like the upper Wensum on a summer’s day is one of angling’s most rewarding experiences and the club provides excellent value for money.


Norfolk chalk stream; the Bintry Mill Trout fishery on the River Wensum
The Bintry Mill beat is reserved for members only and has a good selection of deep pools, gravel runs and riffles, providing excellent summer chalk stream trout fishing. Upstream nymph and dry fly are allowed throughout the season.
Fly fishing one Norfolk's finest chalk stream, the River Wensum
The upper stretches of the Bintry Mill beat have mostly gravel and chalk bottoms, providing good sight fishing, but careful wading is required to avoiding scaring fish.



A short extract from the movie ‘Chalk’ showing the River Wensum. To see the full movie, visit



The lower Bintry beat varies between fast flowing gravelly runs and deeper pools. It is ideal dry fly and nymph fishing water. The water is usually very clear, so you can often see the fish, but they can also see you!