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New fence for County School

At last we have reached agreement with the landowners who have received a grant to erect a stock fence along our bank of the County School beat. Over the years the beat has suffered extensive damage from cattle poaching, which has pushed large amounts of silt into the river. This has not only ruined the river bed, but has also made the bank quite treacherous for anglers. Once the fence is in place and the weed growth begins to re-establish we will be able to manage the banks and improve the channel far more effectively.

The new fence will be only 2 metres from the bank. Legally it should be 5 metres minimum, but there should still be enough fishing room once the damage to the bank begins to regenerate.
There has been extensive cattle poaching over the years, which has caused extensive silting of the channel along this stretch. Now we can begin habitat improvements in earnest.


The new fencing is now in place and hopefully once (if!) the water finally recedes we can get on with repairing the banks without further cattle damage.



The fence will be complete before the beginning of the new 2024 season, complete with stiles where necessary. We look forward to a more productive season on County School and Goff’s this year, particularly as access has been much improved.